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Compressors & Condensing Units for Food Service

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We take pride in knowing our food service technology helps customers around the world maintain food quality and freshness. We have developed our refrigeration, freezer and chiller technology to be the most reliable in the industry and our products can be found in restaurants, supermarkets, professional kitchens and anywhere else where maintaining precise temperature control is essential.

Provides more space and capacity than your refrigerator and keeps larger amounts of food frozen for longer periods of time.

Dispenses a variety of drinks such as soda, iced tea, juices, lemonades and more while keeping them at an ideal drinking temperature.

The best and most reliable way to keep canned and bottled soda, beer, water and other beverages fresh and ready to drink.

Simple and cost-effective combination of components providing customers with a perfectly fresh, chilled and refreshing pint of beer directly from the keg.

Automatic ice maker used to produce ice cubes, flake or nugget ice primarily used in hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, sports venues and anywhere else a cold beverage is needed.

An essential piece of restaurant equipment which offers storage and prep space for ingredients that need to be cut, sliced or prepped before use.

We offer a wide range of technology for a variety of professional kitchen applications such as walk-in coolers, worktops, reach-in coolers and bar refrigerators and dispensing equipment.

Also called a blast freezer or flash freezer, a blast chiller quickly lowers the temperature of food, locking in its essential nutrients and preventing the growth of bacteria.

Used to store perishable items such as food and medical supplies at low temperatures above freezing, so they are available for immediate use without the need to defrost.

Heavy commercial water-cooling application that are used for operating machinery, from chemical & pharmaceutical to medical and lasers. These cooling applications also extends to maintaining large storages of food and beverages such as wineries.

Beverage dispensing system which delivers a concentrated beverage base and a diluent for the concentrated syrup to a dispensing nozzle and adds one or more colors, flavors and any additives.

A compact countertop machine that creates both chilled beverages like frozen coffee, fruit juices and frozen cocktails as well as creamy desserts like ice cream, sherberts, and sorbets.