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Water chiller for refrigeration. Respectful of the environment.

Our Infinee water chiller features our newest variable speed, semi-hermetic compressors and is optimized for environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant. Infinee has a capacity up to 25kW and comes equipped with a full hydraulic module which has a high static pressure pump with speed inverter, brazed plates and heat exchanger, expansion vessels, water strainer, pressure sensors and isolation valves. Infinee is the choice for a variety of convenience store, supermarket and food industry applications.

Optimized for refrigeration applications with negative water temperatures

  • Water outlet temperature down to -8°C 
  • Compatible with Propylene and Ethylene glycol 
  • Variable speed semi-hermetic compressor

Propane (R290), an environmentally friendly refrigerant

  • High efficiency (better than HFC and HFO)
  • GWP < 3

Safe by design

  • Outdoor installation 
  • Passive safeties 
  • Low maintenance and easy access to components


  • High power per m² 
  • Integrated hydraulic module